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Hello, My name is Tamara Wilson. I have been a Registered Nurse within the Maryville City School System for over 20 years. We at Montgomery Ridge Intermediate School recognize physical and mental health is essential for educational development and achievement. The clinic at MRIS strives to remove possible health barriers which might obstruct optimal learning and educate students about positive health behaviors they can implement into their daily lives. We seek to provide prompt, thorough, and sound medical treatment to all students in an effort to help them remain happy and healthy both inside and beyond the classroom. As the school nurse, a few of my duties include: assessing and evaluating the overall health of our students, providing care for ill and injured students, administering medications both scheduled and as needed, overseeing the school’s compliance with legal immunization requirements, and assisting with the school’s participation in local, state, and federal health initiatives.

If there is ever anything I can do to be of assistance to you or your student, please feel free to visit the MRIS clinic, call (865) 980-0590, or email me.

I look forward to another great school year!
Tamara Wilson, R.N