Rain Forest Cafe

We extend an invitation to you to eat lunch with your child. Your child may choose 2 friends to accompany them to our guest tables.  Please be sure to sign-in and receive your visitor's badge in the main office.  

Please click here to email the Rain Forest Cafe manager, Ms. Amy Thompson; or call 681-0364 (calls go through Foothills Elementary School).

Click here for online payment information.



Note that grade level classes arrive within a 5 minute time frame.  The time listed is the first arrival; some classes within that grade may arrive 5 minutes after the time listed.

4th Grade


5th Grade


6th Grade


7th Grade


Cafe Prices

Breakfast 1.25
Student Lunch 2.75
Visitor Lunch 4.00
Visitor Holiday Lunch 6.00
Milk .50
Water Bottle .60
Boxed Juicy Juice .75
Chips .50 
Ice Cream .75
Cookie .25
Famous Amos Cookies .75