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Websites Used in the Classroom

As part of our iReach initiative, MRIS students will be using their devices to engage with curriculum and create projects in which they apply their content knowledge in innovative ways. Many of our students will be using the following apps or websites. Some of these programs may require account logins; students will be using their standard MRIS credentials. The accounts will be created by the students and/or MRIS staff. Some provide student access using a class code (not an individual student login) but may provide a location for students to post work.

To comply with the terms and conditions of some of these sites and apps, we need to inform parents and/or request parental consent for students to create and use these accounts and/or allow student work to be submitted. All students will not use all sites; if you have specific questions about which sites your student will be accessing, please ask your child or his/her teachers. If you would like to login to any of the sites, just ask your student for his or her login information (when applicable). Please visit a site’s privacy policy or terms of use links for additional information. Also, some apps/sites are parent communication tools and may contain pictures or videos of your child. Other sites and apps that do not require a login or include student work may also be used in classrooms.

These apps and websites may be used by your child’s teachers this year that involve logins and/or student work.

I give permission for my student to create and/or access accounts for the listed apps/sites, with appropriate supervision for educational use.

Under the Child Online Privacy Protection rule, everyone (including teachers AND parents) must ask explicit parental permission to share a picture, video, or voice recording of a child under 13. Please do not share these to your personal social media if other students are included in the project/photo/video/recording unless you have acquired permission from their parents.