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Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents

*In addition to these good resources, don't forget that the best thing we can do for our students is model healthy uses of technology and have ongoing conversations with them about, and be involved in, their digital lives*

Common Sense Media

Scope and Sequence –guide for use lessons at MRIS (6+ per year per grade level)

Parent Concerns – “Kids of all ages are swiping and scrolling, totally transfixed by screens of all sizes. Welcome to the new frontier of parenting. If you have questions on how to take control of the technology in your kids' lives, you came to the right place.

#DeviceFreeDinner – “A movement for happier, healthier kids….Get your whole family on board with tips for a balanced digital life.”


A Program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
For parents and guardians

Other Recommendations

Digital Futures Initiative 
Tools and Resources for Parents